The most complete basic WordPress user guide

The most complete basic WordPress user guide

WordPress (wp) is no stranger to many people, but you already know how to use wp. If you only know how to write and post, it is too simple, but if you know the whole thing, you will master your website without having to ask anyone to intervene in the “sensitive area”, page wp-admin yours. Posts This wordpress user guide will go through the basics to help you use and master your website wp well.

Display important information at Message Board

Ở trang chủ bạn sẽ làm được gì!

What will you do on the homepage!

Here you can click on the display option and check the function boxes to display the required information each time you access the admin page. Usually a page that does not install any plugin will not have much to help you. But if you install statistical or woocommerce plugins, then surely this option is indispensable.

Follow and update the new version

Theo dõi các phiên bản mới

Keep track of new versions

Is your version of wp the latest? Whether your plugins have been updated or not. You can follow up at the update in the newsletter. Here you can upgrade the wp board session, update plugins, update the interface if the interface, or update the translation for the site.

Although less interested, I recommend that you regularly check and update to new versions. New versions can help fix errors, security holes that make your website vulnerable to attack. In addition, you should also be aware that you should not update all of them but should only choose because your mass update can make the website overload or cause conflicts between plugins.

Create posts – categories in WordPress

This is the area you visit the most and maybe I won’t go into this section.

Tạo bài viết trên website wordpress

Create articles on wordpress website

Manage WordPress upload files

Usually you will download the files right in the editor in the article. However, to manage these files, you should go to the library located in the media. Here you can view files, delete or upload more media.

Phương tiện là nơi để bạn quản lý tất cả những tệp tin được tải lên

The medium is a place for you to manage all uploaded files

In other websites, the number of images and videos can be many, but the opposite is true for the web. Most images in the article are not on your server.

Create page in wordpress

Creating pages in wp is no different than creating posts. There are plugins that can add some features for you to design the page more beautiful and professional. The site is primarily for fixed sites such as referrals, contacts, …

Tạo trang không khác gì so với tạo bài viết

Creating a page is no different than creating an article

Manage comments on WordPress website

If you are using a comment feature, you definitely cannot skip this section. This place will allow you to allow comments to appear, delete them, reply to or even edit it.

However, for small websites, I recommend limiting or turning off the comment feature on the website and replacing it with the comment of facebook. This will help you avoid spam, or simply to save space and bandwidth.

Quản lý bình luận trên wordpress

Manage comments on wordpress

WordPress website interface management.

If your website is stable you can skip this section, but if you are setting up your website, this is definitely where you will visit.

Quản lý giao diện website

Website interface management

Here you can add new interfaces and enable the appropriate interface. I recommend using the downloaded from the homepage of wp or right on the interface or themes you buy from reputable places. Uploaded themes are files that are compressed with * .zip format. Free themes that are widely shared on the network will not be good for your website because they are often inserted with lots of harmful code or simply affect your website’s SEO ability later.

Manage Plugins in wordpress

At this package manager you can also install new plugins for your website. Just like the theme you should only install reputable plugins from the home page of wp, or buy from reputable places. Usually here you only have to install, delete or activate plugins. In addition, you can edit the plugins in the editor, but it is best to recommend that you do not interfere.

Gói mở rộng hay còn gọi là plugin là phần rất phổ biến trong wordpress

The popular extension package is a very popular part of wordpress

Manage users in WordPress

If your website has many editors, add them here. Please choose the appropriate role so that they do not interfere with unnecessary parts that can ruin your website.

Usually wp for 5 default roles corresponding to 5 levels.

  • Registered users: unable to access wp-admin, they can only perform features on the allowed interface.
  • Collaborators: These are people who can access wp-admin at the lowest authority level. Usually they only have the ability to write articles but cannot post.
  • Author: they are people who can post, and manage their posts. However, they are also unable to publish content to the page.
  • Editors: are people with many powers. They can post, post, manage comments, but they do not have access to the interface, extension package, membership, tools and settings.
  • Administrator: this is one of the biggest rights in the website. All features of wp are not limited to this authority.
Quản lý người dùng trong wordpress

User management in wordpress

Share or get content from elsewhere

Sharing sounds good, but getting content from another website is something you shouldn’t, especially for SEO. However, this feature is great to use for copywriter work.

Bạn nên hạn chế sử dụng tính năng ở đây

You should limit the use of the feature here

You drag the “Post this site” label to the bookmarks bar on your browser. And when surfing the website with interesting content you can click on the bookmark that has been dragged up to turn on a posting window

Tuy nhiên tính năng này cũng rất tuyệt vời !

However this feature is also great!

In addition, the tool also has input and output but it will be very long, so if you want to find out, you can search on the internet.

Install necessary information for the website

Although very much, most are just entering information and options according to your preferences. However, the fields you need to keep in mind are the URL you should enter the correct domain name of your website.

Cài đặt các thông tin cần thiết

Install the required information

So I went around the wp-admin of the basic wp already. If you have any questions, please comment below.

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