Integrate Facebook messaging widget into simple WordPress

Integrate Facebook messaging widget into simple WordPress

is a large social networking platform with hundreds of millions of daily users. In Vietnam, the number of Facebook users accounts for more than one third of the population. For people, Facebook is one of the important channels, if connecting users in other channels with Facebook is great. In this article, I will share with you how to integrate Facebook Messenger messaging utility into the website to easily connect with customers.

Get the embed code of the Facebook page

  • Select a Facebook page and access the settings section.
Truy cập vào mục cài đặt của Fanpage trên Facebook

Access to Fanpage’s settings section on Facebook

  • Select “Messenger Platform” located on the left tab.

  • Scroll down and use “Settings” in the “Plugin chat with customers” section.

  • A display setting table. Click “Next” to continue.

  • Set the display language and edit the greeting text that appears. Click next to go to step two.

  • Set the time to respond, and the main color. Click next to go to step 3.

  • Set up the site domain and copy the completed code.

So, I got the Facebook Messenger code. You copy or paste this code into the note to prepare to insert into the website. I advise you not to use external code because they contain things that are less secure or make your website slower.

Insert code into WordPress Website

After you have obtained the code, I will now show you how to insert into WordPress website. Some themes support part insertion in “custom” sections or widgets. If you have one, just go to Interface > Customize, or Interface > Widgets and find that section to insert. If not, you can insert directly into the code as follows.

  • On the left menu in the admin page of WordPress, click on Layout > Edit.

  • In the right column, you find the footer.php file.

  • Paste the copied code here and click “Update file” to save the changes.

Good luck !

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