Instructions for creating a WordPress website from A-Z

Instructions for creating a WordPress website from A-Z

is being considered as the #1 in the world with the number of websites being used up to millions. There are many advantages and especially it is very light, being enjoyed by many developers and the first choice for a new . Not only that, it also supports a lot of plugins that can turn it from a regular blog to a commercial website with many outstanding features. WordPress is also being evaluated as one of the CMS that can create the best SEO websites today. If you are interested and want to create a website for yourself with WordPress, check out this article.

Download wordpress source from

Download wordpress source from

Download wordpress source from

  • You should download the source code at to ensure the source code is clean.
Tải xuống phiên bản mới nhất của Wordpres.

Download the latest version of Wordpres.

  • After downloading and extracting, you will have a wordpres folder with files as shown below.
Các file và thư mục của mã nguồn WordPress

Files and folders of WordPress source code

Set up PHP environment on Windows

In fact, you may not need to do this step, you can put the source code straight into your host. But I recommend you install it on your computer and then upload it later. If you design your own themes, you should definitely not skip this step.

Here I use a software called Xampp. You can download it at and select the xampp version for your operating system.

Tải phiên bản XAMPP phù hợp với hệ điều hành của bạn

Download the XAMPP version that is suitable for your operating system

I temporarily skip the installation step. Now open XAMPP and activate two services, Apache and MySQL.

Mở phần mềm XAMPP và khởi động Apache và MySQL

Open the XAMPP software and start Apache and MySQL

If there is no problem activating, you are done with this step. If you have problems, you can check the log below. Usually the problem is hitting the port. By default apache will get port 80 but for some reason another application has used this port. You can choose to turn off the application using that port or change the default port of Apache.

Next, please access the folder htdocs at the C:\xampp\htdocs

Copy the entire wordpress folder to htdocs.

Sao chép thư mục mã nguồn wp vào thư mục htdocs của XAMPP

Sao chép thư mục mã nguồn wp vào thư mục htdocs của XAMPP

Create database and conduct wordpress installation

Go to http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ if your port is 80 and http://localhost:[port]/phpmyadmin/ if your port is another [port].

You can switch languages if you don’t know French.

Tạo cơ sở dữ liệu trên phpmyadmin

Create database on phpmyadmin

  • 1. You switch to the Database tab.
  • 2. Enter your database name.
  • 3. Choose encryption (should choose utf8_general_ci).
  • 4. Click Create to create.
Các bước tạo CSDL

Steps to create database

Next go to the URL http:// localhost/wordpress/. Not installed will be directed to http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/setup-config.php. Here, choose your preferred language to get started. I will choose Vietnamese.

Chọn ngôn ngữ để bắt đầu cài đặt

Select the language to start the installation

You will then be directed to the wp tutorial. You can read it for clarity. Here you can see that WP requires pre-database and we have created it in the previous section. Click immediately to install.

Nhấn thực hiện ngay để bắt đầu

Click done immediately to start

Remember the database name just now. Please enter it. If you install XAPP, the default username of the database is root and the password is empty. The database server address, you leave it as localhost and the table prefix, you can change it as you like (you should change the default prefix to wp to something else for better security).

Nhập đầy đủ thông tin kết nối đến CSDL của bạn

Enter the full information to connect to your database

Click Submit and then click Execute installation to proceed with the installation

Nhập thông tin đăng nhập đầy đủ bao gồm email và nhấn cài đặt WordPress

Enter the full information to connect to your database

After clicking WordPress Install, wait for the admin login screen to appear as shown below.

tiến hành đăng nhập, kết thúc quá trình cài đặt wordpress

proceed to login, finish wordpress installation process

And after returning to the URL http://localhost/wordpress/ you will get a website with the default wordpress interface.

Giao diện mặc định khi bạn cài xong trang web

The default interface when you finish installing the website

Good luck.

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