Fix XAMPP’s non-booting error Apache

Fix XAMPP’s non-booting error Apache

When you use for the first time, it is very easy for you to fail to start the service. Usually this error is caused by Apache’s default Port 80 status that has been used by an application. To solve this problem, you can find and stop the application using port 80 or change the default port of Apache.

I recommend changing the default port of Apache because it is simpler and does not make and disturb normal operation of other applications, especially on Windows.

The following 2 steps will help you Fix XAMPP’s non-booting error Apache quickly.

Step 1. Change port 443 in httpd-ssl.conf

Please access the path C:\xampp\apache\conf\original\extra and open the file httpd-ssl.conf with notepad.

Tìm tất cả số 443 có trong tệp

Find all 443 numbers in the file

You find all 443 numbers in the file and replace it with 4499 or any unused port. Usually in the file there are 3 places you need to replace.

After this step, you can restart Apache. If possible, you do not need to do the next step. If not, go to step 2.

Step 2. Change Port for Apache

Hãy mở Httpd.conf ngay trên giao diện của XAMPP

Open Httpd.conf right on the XAMPP interface

And similarly, find all 80s and replace them with 8080 or port numbers that have not been used by any application.

Thay đổi toàn bộ số port mặc định 80

Change the default port number to 80

You turn off and reopen the application later to restart Apache. Note when changing the Apache port, you will not be able to access the normal path like http://localhost/webofyou but you must add the port number like this http://localhost/webofyou.

Wish you quickly fix errors.

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