Instructions for adding free SSL certificate of CloudFlare

Instructions for adding free SSL certificate of CloudFlare

is one of the most popular security protocols that gives users more peace of mind when sending data to your website, not only that an SSL-equipped website will make Google prioritize more rankings on search pages. However, current SSL is not cheap compared to many individuals. So today I share how to get a website using SSL protocol completely free with .

Setting up CloudFlare

  • First go to and proceed to create yourself a free account. (I won’t instruct to create an account because it’s so simple).

  • Next, log in and click on the add site.

  • Enter the domain of the website and click Begin Scan to get the domain’s information.

  • After completing, press Continue setup
  • Then enter the Name and IP host that contains your website, Click Add Record and Select Continue to continue. You can add protocols for mail, ftp, …

  • Next I will choose Free package. You see Cloudflare’s Free package also has 4 attractive features. In it I see for SSL. However, you should remember when using SSL Free, some browsers may be corrupted.

  • Finally, in this installation step, get nameserver that cloudflare provides to change the namservers in the domain.

Change the Name Server in the domain

  • My domain is managed in Godaddy so I will log in to godaddy. Other places you do normally.

  • Back to you click Continue and wait for DNS pointing to you will be active like this

Sign up for SSL on CloudFlare

  • Please scroll through the Crypto section. Then select the Full package.

  • Scroll down to Edge Certificates and click on order SSL Certificates. A table like this shows up.
  • Then select the package. Select Universal SSL package (Shared) will not lose money.
  • At Certificate Hostnames, click Next.
  • You wait for it to check a bit at Validate Domain.
  • And the rest of the steps, please do so. This section is simple, so I’m quick.

Next, scroll down to Origin Certificates section and click Create Certificates and set up the same as below.

The Origin Certificate Installation version then appears. Note that you must save Origin Certificate and Private key.

So there is an SSL certificate already. The rest is to install this certificate on your host. Note that the host must support SSL.

Install an SSL certificate for hosting.

Usually SSL is usually in the security part of hosting.

Click and proceed with the installation as below.

So you have completed the SSL installation for your website already. However, you will encounter some errors after installing as the website is still unsafe because it still contains http links. So let’s fix them into https. If you use wordpress, please install 2 Really Simple SSL plugins and SSL Insecure Content Fixer.

Wish you success with an SSL-enabled website.

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