Should store images at the host or another host

Should store images at the host or another host

Save the image on the host with the web source always or in another host and use the link as the question I get a lot from my friends. In this article, I will try to analyze both technical aspects and SEO aspects so you can choose easily.


If your website has unlimited parameters, then you do not need to read this article anymore, I think you should upload the image directly to the host and if not, please continue reading this article.

The reason you should put the image out of the host

  • When you download a photo with a capacity of 1mb, of course you have spent 1MB on the host, and if you have a host 800mb then this is really a disaster. And of course you should put the image out of the host if your host storage capacity is not very large.
  • When a new person accesses your website, they will download a picture of 1mb size from your host. Of course, one article you can’t just have one picture, maybe 4, 5 sheets. In addition, it also loads a lot of other libraries like CSS, JS, HTML, … so a page that can be up to 7mb is normal. And if you only host 35gb of bandwidth a month, your website can only serve up to 5000 Users. And if you take the picture outside the host, you will save a lot using more and serving more. My website usually downloads no more than 5mb when returning to the computer, in which more than 2mb is downloaded from the external host .. This also depends on how much your web code is.
Lưu trữ ở đâu tùy thuộc vào điều kiện của host.

Where to store depends on the condition of the host.

The reason you should not put images out of the host

  • Download speed may be asynchronous. My website is located on a Vietnamese server, but I use external image services to link back. And in case the foreign network is slower when returning to Vietnam, the image loading speed will be much longer than the text or the interface on the website, so after a while I post the image to the host too.
  • Difficult to manage and easily lose pictures is something that I am very worried about. Someday when you read an article you just read the text without seeing any pictures you will be confused. This is very easy to happen. Since your images are downloaded from other storage services and when you have a large user base, those hosting services can be deleted to save bandwidth. This is my nightmare because I have all the instructions, but what if I delete it? So if you are worried like me, you should not put the image out of your host. And to do this, you should also upgrade your website to avoid unnecessary problems.

About SEO

  • Link is the problem of SEO. If the content is crawled from any link, it will display the content of that link, which is obvious but correct. So if you save images from outside the website, when indexed the images on that website will be indexed and it will not be your website.
  • However it is not a problem if your image is not unique, copyrighted, and you do not need SEO them.
  • On my website, each article has a picture stored on its host which is thumbnail. So I also have images that are indexed for each article. I think that’s enough.

In short, the choice you make to have your images on your host or external host is completely up to you. However, the best way is to leave the image on your host, but if you don’t have enough configuration, you can use external images as well.


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