How to make SEO top website fastest

How to make SEO top website fastest

If you are a genuine online marketing person, you will definitely not be familiar with SEO acronyms. Although it has been a long time and a lot of people have participated, yet no one has been able to confirm that they are fully knowledgeable about SEO. Although there are many SEO tips that can help your website rankings improve, search engine algorithms are constantly changing. So is there a method that can help your website top the fastest?

How does your website appear on the fastest top?

The secret of this is in the title and content of the article. You notice there is a concern that is not light about something, but there are very few websites that talk about what they care about. Make a clear title and write a post about it. You quickly get hits from Google. This will improve the quality of your website, and easily SEO other keywords.

Từ khóa chính là chìa khóa giúp bạn lên top nhanh chóng nhất

Keywords are the key to help you get up to the top quickly

Another way is to follow the social network, take advantage of the phenomena and integrate it into your content so skillfully. If it is news website this is extremely easy.

However, with the above method, you must also note that your website will not be able to stay there long if you do not maintain access for your website.

For your website to be durable, I recommend that you create a lot of useful articles that don’t change over time. For example, instructions on something. is a website specializing in wordpress and SEO tutorials. And you see, it never dropped.

Should I go to the link (create backlink) or not?

Do you think yes or no? I think it’s just, yes. Why is it both moderate and medium ?. Please try it. My website has just been established for more than 20 days and there are about 15 articles. The number of times your website appears on google is a lot and there are many clicks. I intend not to go to the link and write it. But when checking the keywords that are reported in webmaster tools (WMT) on google search, the majority are on page 2, page 3. But I want it to be on the first page, how to do? That is backlink. You must have backlinks, but the backlinks must be really quality. If you have many non-quality backlinks, the current keywords located on page 2.3 may be down to 4.5 or “not in 100” at any time.

Bạn cũng nên có backlink, nhưng cũng đừng nên tạo bừa nếu không muốn website không lên top nổi

You should also have backlinks, but do not create them if you do not want the website to be on top

Backlink to a new site is very important. If you work a lot with Google, you will understand that its system works very long to change, so initially you make a bad impression with it with a bad backlink, your website will be very long to come back. ” clean “.

How is Backlink considered quality?

A quality backlink is rated individually according to the following factors:

  • Coming from a long-standing website, not sandboxed, and indexed.
  • Directly directed without redirection.
  • From the article with the same content as the website.
  • The article contains links on that website that many people read and click on your website. More importantly, it is from search users. For example: I searched the word “How to SEO on top” and I clicked on a forum with this title. Inside the article is another link about your website and I click on. Just a few hundred people like that for a link. You can jump top quickly. But it’s natural. Google keeps track of all user clicks to make a specific review.
  • Dofollow or nofollow backlink  not important.

Keep regular traffic

Giữ traffic thường xuyên chính là cách giữ top từ khóa của bạn trên google

Keeping regular traffic is the way to keep your keywords on google

SEO has been difficult, keeping that keyword is even harder. The most important factor for you to keep that keyword is traffic. Create a source of natural traffic by regularly updating new articles and don’t forget to entice your website visitors from social networks.


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