Guide to writing SEO standard articles on wordpress

Guide to writing SEO standard articles on wordpress

The most important factor influencing the success of SEO is . Previously there were many factors affecting SEO but gradually the search engine especially has been removed, only content is increasingly appreciated. In addition to writing well, not copying, you should also pay attention to the “standard” factor for your article. Here I will share with you how to create a standard SEO article structure.

Content structure

What is the content structure? and why it affects SEO. There are many people who say that a very bad article that it also top keywords is quite high. It is true but I bet it will be relegated one day, when Google’s linguists have begun to focus more on content. They will not directly read your article but will use user behavior to evaluate your content. If the user drags the scroll too many times in a row and then exits your website, they may not be able to find the key content that your title, but most importantly, the keyword brought them. However, google is not only based on 1 user.

However, you should still have an article with a clear structure. A content structure I encourage you to use is the structure as in the book.

Cấu trúc nội dung rõ ràng khiến người đọc dễ dàng tìm thấy và ở lại website của bạn lâu hơn.

A clear content structure makes it easier for readers to find and stay on your website.

You should only have one title. Small headings and in those headings can be divided into different subtopics. This not only makes readers feel excited about your content and stay longer but google beetles also love to “sleep” on your website very well.

HTML structure

Although it is not so important to users, proper HTML tags will help search bots gather more accurate data.

Cấu trúc HTML của một bài viết chuẩn SEO cũng rất quan trọng

The HTML structure of an SEO standard article is also important

Google has a tool to help you bookmark data at This tool will mark the places that will be important information that google needs to collect such as title, author, publication date, catalog, …. But if it is properly identified, you also need to have a clear structure.

Usually the title in the article should leave the H1 tag, the smaller headings, H2 and H3. For example

<h1> Title </h1>

<p> opening paragraph </p>

<h2> Big item </h2>

<h3> Smaller item </h3>


<h2> Big item </h2>

In the WordPress editor, these tags are in the left pane, you just need to highlight the text you want to tag and select the appropriate title.

Chọn các thẻ cho các tiêu đề phù hợp

Select the tags for the appropriate titles

In normal paragraphs, you can highlight the key words of the article. with button B. It is advisable to print out specific names or unrelated sentences with button I. Create a list with two icons next to it. Create excerpts with the “button. Often quote the paragraphs below the title.

The rest of the formats are very few, except for Link. However, if you write a target article for that keyword, you should not link that keyword out. Instead, link the word to the article itself or just bold it.

Keyword allocation

The article is searched from a keyword phrase that is not included in the article. For example, the search phrase “how to get to the top” but it has an article that does not have this phrase. Instead it has words such as: seo, top, how, repeated or in important tags like H1, H2, B, … this can say something that google does not Get exactly what users search to display results, instead they choose key words in the article and compare with the search terms users to give the most relevant results. However it is about a long phrase. There are also short phrases of 1,2,3 words often found in the background content so you should not allocate as such. Please allocate the correct words, such as “water”, “heavy water”, “super heavy water” are the words you should keep the cluster.

Từ khóa phải được phân bố phù hợp trong bài viết để giúp bài viết trở nên tự nhiên nhất có thể

Keywords must be appropriately distributed in the article to help the article become as natural as possible

Attractive and useful content

This is also the last part I want to say. There are too many online articles available with this title. I have clicked on 2 articles with identical content but the title is not the same. Most recently I have read an article titled “What does President Trump say about the United Airlines scandal” and I have read it all until the end, the internal is only about scandal (this I know better) I am more concerned about “President Trump said” but at the end of the article the journalist wrote him to remain silent. This is like insulting readers. Although they are only interested in the View, the amount of advertising has time and interest of readers, they give up.

Hãy tạo ra nội dung thật bổ ích để đáp trả sự ủng hộ của đọc giả nhé

Please create content that is useful to respond to the readers’ support

You can see if Blogers create rich and useful content that is easy to get high on google. For example, Thach Pham, Help you beautify, earn money center, …. So try to create good content and don’t forget to declare the DMCA to avoid being copied.

Wish you early to top google.

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